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Town & City Driving School
Driver's Education for Teens and Adults

Classroom Requirements:  There are 8 classes per session.  Each class is 3 hours long
providing the required 24 hours of classroom instruction (temps are not required for
classroom instruction).  Behind the wheel driving instruction (8 hour requirement -
temps required) will be scheduled on an individual basis.  All classes must be
completed (one cannot get credit for taking two class 6s, for example, the second class 6 would not count), although not necessarily in numerical order.  Instruction does not need to
start with class one.  Please call ahead for more information or contact us at:
29025 Lakeshore Blvd.
Classes are Monday through
Thursday from
6:15 until 9:30 

Mon. Dec_10__
Tue. Dec_11________1_________
Wed. Dec_12________2_________
Thu. Dec_13__ ____ 3_________
Wed. Dec_19________6________ 

Christmas Class Schedule
All Classes are 4 until 8:30
No evening classes
Six 4-hour classes
Fri. Dec_28_______3________ 
Thu._Jan_3 _______5_________
Fri._Jan 4________6________ 
No classes nor in-cars from
Jan. 5 through Jan. 11 
Classes resume Jan. 14
At regular evening times
6:15 until 9:30