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Town & City Driving School


If you are interested in the Teen Class program, please arrive about 15 minutes before classes are scheduled to begin. There is a minimal amount of paperwork to do in order to take classes  Classes do not need to be taken in order, nor does a student need to start with class one.
A temporary license is not required to take classes, but the temporary license is required before in car training is started.
There is 4 hour limit to the number of hours of Driver's Education that a student may take within a day which is set by the State of Ohio. This means that a Student may not take more than one class in a single day.
ALL TEMPORARY PAPERWORK FROM THE STATE OF OHIO MUST BE CARRIED BY THE STUDENT FOR ALL IN CAR SESSIONS WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Any time a student is behind the wheel of a car, the temporary paperwork must be with the student. This applies whether the student is with a Town & City Instructor or with a parent or guardian.
Town & City Driving School normally schedules times for in car lessons after the final class taken (this is not necessarily class #8 -- full payment is required before signing up for in car sessions).
We can take cash or check for payment for the course. We can no longer accept Credit Cards for payment -- sorry.

Please do not schedule the driver license examination until you have your certificate in hand. Normally, certificates are available 48 to 72 hours after completeing all requirements (eight 3-hour classes and 8 hours of in-car). We do not mail certificates to the students as lost certificates can create major issues for everyone concerned. Please arrange to pick up your certificate at the Town & City classroom.

Course work must be completed within 6 months of date of first class taken.

Anyone 18 years years old may take classes for insurance purposes, although certificates are not necessary.

Please check contract for details.